Time-honored hand craftsmanship.

Keith Morgan

Owner & Master Craftsman

Keith Morgan knew that design would be the guiding passion in his life when he found himself spending more time re-doing the floors of his rental flat than he did attending class at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. In that moment, he knew maritime business law would not be a good fit, so he turned his focus to design and craftsmanship. Following that revelation, Bespoke was founded in Santa Barbara, California. Twenty years later, Keith calls the US Midwest home and his workshop, and consulting and design studio are all based there.

Keith has an innate passion for design and quality craftsmanship. His commitment to quality and a timeless aesthetic has transformed Bespoke clients into faithful followers and friends. The Bespoke portfolio has grown from a small workshop to a full service design and fabrication studio with the ability to service worldwide.

While perhaps an unconventional choice, the Midwest location allows the craftsman and designers to have the ability to travel in any direction for client commissions and installations. The quiet atmosphere provides Keith and his artisans with room to breathe and wide open spaces in which to think and craft creatively and without distraction. Over the years Keith and his team of artisans have fine-tuned and become well versed in design, craftsmanship and materials.

With each commission, Keith’s goal is to make you feel as if you’re shaking hands with the past.

Working with us.

Placing an order with Bespoke can be simple as choosing an item from our image gallery or commissioning our team to provide complete design, fabrication and installation services. As a Bespoke client, you will work with one design and fabrication expert from start to finish. The same craftsmen that built your products will be in your home to meet the delivery and conduct the installation.

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It is important to know how products are made and where they come from. The quality, longevity, and lifespan of Bespoke products long surpass many industrial products that are rapidly produced and consumed by humans daily. We pride ourselves on the fact that our shop has very minimal waste output and uses materials responsibly. Our commitment doesn’t stop there as our workshop also uses water-based coatings and adhesives.

Using thin veneer of solid wood contributes to a better use of raw material. From ten thousand up to over 60,000 square feet of wood surface may be produced with just a single tree. Our use of wood veneer in combination with HDF and birch ply reduces consumption of natural resources as it takes advantage of 100% of the tree raw material and produces no waste. Although the veneering technique was originally developed by ancient Egyptians, it was revived in the early 17th century and spread throughout Europe. From this movement unprecedented luxury pieces came to life.

All of Bespoke’s wood imports are guided by the following standards: U.S. Lacey Act in conjunction with the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) and FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC forest management and chain of custody certification guarantees environmental and social responsibility from the forest to the shelf.


“This bathroom is absolute perfection. It is as though we have a spa in our home.”

- Morgan, Iowa

“Bespoke was a dream to work with. Keith really listened to what we needed, and the stunning results speak for themselves.”

- Bonander, Iowa

“We could not be happier with the quality and care provided by Bespoke.”

- Chilton, Minnesota

“Keith’s use of exotic woods, inlays, and creative design produced truly stunning results that are commented on by all visitors to our home.”

- Chilton, Minnesota