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The Royal Crescent

Timeless, remarkable, authentic.

At Bespoke our goal is not only to produce the finest and most unique products but also to place those products in environments that are complementary. This concept has never been more realized than with the pairing of our Regency Kitchen with a residence in the Royal Crescent, Bath England. The Royal Crescent and the Regency Kitchen have a shared sensibility of craftsmanship. The Crescent was designed by John Wood the Elder and built from sandstone sourced from the quarries of Ralph Allen directly outside of Bath. The touchstones of the Crescent’s design and fabrication were quality materials, attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship. Likewise, the Regency Kitchen exhibits the same deference to quality materials, attention to detail and the same pride in craftsmanship. Unlike most of our contemporaries, we seek to build our products by melding the most advanced technologies with time honored hand craftsmanship.

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