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Brenner Desk


Brenner Desk

This desk was named after the iconic Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria. The Brenner Pass is an elevated roadway, and that detail is echoed in this desk. The top of the desk sits cradled by the legs as they wrap around its edges, lending it a very modern aesthetic. The top surface of the desk features some stunning marquetry work. The design is a triptych, with one large section of marquetry flanked by two smaller identical sections, each surrounded by perpendicular walnut detailing. The primary marquetry design in this triptych is herringbone, with two stringing inlays one in walnut burl and one in rosewood. Another notable aspect of this desk is the rosewood edging around each edge of its top.

Dimensions 68” L x 30.5” H x 34”D


Materialswalnut, rosewood, leather

Lead time 6-8 weeks

From $10,500

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